The Art of Caring for Linen Garments

The Art of Caring for Linen Garments

Linen, a remarkable clothing fabric, emerges from our planet with minimal impact in comparison with other natural fibres such as cotton. Renowned for its exceptional coolness and refreshing properties, linen epitomizes summer elegance in the Le Nouveau Chef Collection. Despite its strength, linen garments require proper care to maintain.

Keep your linen fresh
In the unfortunate event of stains on your garment, swift action is key. In case of a stain, treat with a suitable linen stain solution. This measure not only pre-cleans the stain but also streamlines the laundering process. It’s important to exercise caution when selecting stain solutions for coloured linen garments. Avoid those containing bleach, as they can harm delicate fabric fibres, strip away the fabric's vibrant hues, leaving unwelcome light or orange spots.

Machine washing is possible
Moving forward, washing your linen garments with care is of importance. We recommend machine washing your linen treasures at a gentle 30°C (cold) temperature. Of course, there’s also an option for hand-washing for spot treatments, preserving energy and minimising fibre stress. Remember, excessive heat diminishes the natural lustre of this fabric.

When washing coloured garments, a valuable safeguard is to turn them inside out prior to laundering. This simple act shields the outer visible fabric surface. Opting for a low cycle wash is paramount in preventing shrinkage, creases, and unsightly wrinkles.

The best choice to dry
Drying linen garments in a natural way, by air, not only saves energy but also makes sure it keeps its refined look. After washing, give your garment a gentle shake, lightly pulling the sleeves, plackets, and side seams to reduce the wrinkles. When it comes to drying, air-drying without direct sunlight is the ideal choice.

For more formal occasions, your linen garments may require ironing or, preferably, steaming. These wrinkles, often celebrated as a part of the fabric's charm. Should you choose to iron, a simple yet effective technique involves spraying the garment with water 5-10 minutes before pressing. This small act of preparation eases the ironing process. But beware, the linen fibres possess limited elasticity. So we don’t recommend ironing the same spot repeatedly over time because the fibres might break in that case.

Wide hangers will make a difference
Finally, when storing your linen garments, simplicity is key. Allow them to grace your wardrobe on a wide wooden hanger. This mindful choice ensures your garments remain beautifully crease-free, ready for your next culinary adventure.