Explanation of washing symbols

Explanation of washing symbols

Le Nouveau Chef wants you to enjoy your purchase to the fullest. Therefore, we’ve got you covered with an overview and interpretation of the washing symbols in the care label used in our garments. We believe in providing you with all the information you need to care for your garments properly. That's why we have included a care label with washing symbols that explain how to maintain your clothes' quality and extend their lifespan. The care label on your new clothing provides important details about the fabric composition and includes washing symbols that offer guidance on washing, bleaching, drying, and ironing.

Interpreting washing symbols
We understand that washing symbols can be a bit confusing. Here's a brief explanation of the most common washing symbols you'll find on our care labels:

  • Washing Instructions: The symbol for washing instructions typically looks like a small tub of water. It indicates the recommended method and temperature for washing your garment.
  • Bleaching: The bleach symbol, if present, will guide you on whether it is safe to use bleach or any other type of bleaching agent on your clothing.
  • Drying: This symbol represents the recommended drying method for your garment, such as air drying or tumble drying.
  • Ironing: The iron symbol indicates the appropriate ironing temperature and whether you can iron the garment directly or if you should use a protective cloth.

Following washing instructions
To ensure the longevity and performance of your Le Nouveau Chef garment, we strongly advise following the washing instructions provided on the care label. It's essential not to overload the washing machine and to use washing detergent specifically designed for coloured clothing when washing your coloured items.

In conclusion, by understanding the washing symbols and following the provided instructions, you can maintain the quality, prolong the lifespan, and preserve the premium look of your Le Nouveau Chef clothes. Remember to always check the care label washing instructions for your specific garment.