Are you storing your workwear the right way?

Are you storing your workwear the right way?

Storing clothes can be done in many ways, but how do you store them in a way that the clothes stay as neat as possible, the colour doesn't change and of course the fabric stays in top condition?

Hanging garment
When storing your garments, it's crucial to hang sturdy fabrics like shirts and pants on thick hangers to help them stay wrinkle-free. However, avoid hanging garments by the neckline or collar, as it may leave marks. Therefore, you can use hangers created for pants, these have a bar in between which is perfect to hang chef jackets, bib aprons and aprons smoothly.

Folding garment
Some garments you need to fold to keep it neat. Fold stretchy fabrics and stack them in your wardrobe to avoid stretching. Protect your garments from moths, which are attracted to natural materials, by storing them with 100% natural mothballs.

Storing tips
Storing your Le Nouveau Chef clothes correctly is an important step in prolonging their lifespan. Here are some tips to keep your clothes looking their best when not used on a daily basis.

  • Store clothing in a room without direct daylight, dry attic or closed storage space are examples of places which are perfect storage places.
  • Wash clothing once in a while when it’s not used. This keeps the clothes fresh and also gives you a moment to check if the gear is stored properly.
  • Don’t fold or hang clothing when it is still damp from washing. This allows mold to develop between fabrics folded on top of each other.
  • If the clothes are worn seasonally (a different style in summer than in winter), store them in a sealed box (e.g. from Ikea) to avoid dust and moisture.